About Patriot Art

Patriot Art is new and was born from the inspiring accounts of historic events and of revisiting the past through research of early documents which we call primary evidence. Of these would be; diaries, letters, early newspapers, maps, depositions and military records. With the help of local historians, re-enactment groups and visual reference material, I have done my best to keep these illustrative accounts as accurate as possible. I have taken some artistic liberties to add symbolic features, imagined human interactions and likenesses of friends and contemporary lost service members. Each illustration is done in pencil which allows for alteration as new information comes to light.

The most recent of these works is of the Battle of Bunker Hill which I am still laboring over waiting for more information which I feel must be added to make it all it should be. It depicts New Hampshire men, over 1,200 in number, who have just arrived on the scene. Gen John Stark is in command observing the chaos around him as the cannon fire holds Provincials from moving forward to reinforce the redoubt on Breeds Hill. After  giving a loud cheer, intended to encourage those awaiting help at the redoubt, the New Hampshire men ran down hill to take a left flank position from the Mystic River along a rail fence which ran up Breeds Hill to the redoubt. The British Light Infantry and Grenadiers who had planned an easy run on the redoubt were now faced with what would prove to be the most formidable resistance of that day.

I have included, among those brave Provincials, a service member from our own little community of Troy, NH. His name was Stephen Murphy who had accomplished the rank of SSGT during his service. He was of a kind nature and loved by our community.  He lost his life in Iraq in 2009.

As I write this my own son, also a SSGT, is on his 4th tour serving in Iraq, so I share a very sincere sympathy for the families of fallen service personnel. I am posting this incomplete work, and will update it periodically to show its progress. These illustrations are created as an extension of my deepest respect for the courageous sacrifices that have been made to protect our way of life. Our freedom has been passed down to us from each preceding generation who has had to fight to preserve it. My hope is to promote a visual awareness and to inspire others to recognize the true value and cost of this freedom we enjoy.

Please excuse the limited number of works on display in the gallery. Each piece has taken considerable time to produce with the attention to detail I include. As I find others to help with the management of Patriot Art I will have more time to devote to the production of more illustrative accounts of America's past.